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Cruse Bereavement Care offers a service for anyone who has been bereaved and would like help in understanding their grief and support in dealing with its consequences.
Our services are provided through a team of Bereavement Support Volunteers, trained to listen and recognise the different aspects of grief. They can help you to move forward and they can also provide a range of information about some of the difficulties you may be encountering.

What can I expect from my Bereavement Support Volunteer ?
Your Support Volunteer is there to help deal with all the aspects of grief which are affecting you. They will listen in a way that should help you acknowledge, explore and begin to understand and accept the range of often conflicting emotions you may be feeling. They will also help you address other aspects of grief – in particular learning to live without the person who has died. They will talk you through any problems you are facing, and help you to consider a range of possible solutions. All decisions will be your own. Our aim is to help you find the resources to face the future without the person who has died – in your own time and at your own pace.

Will my Support Volunteer tell anyone else what I have
said ?
What is said during the sessions is treated as confidential between you and your Support Volunteer. There are two exceptions to this rule. Firstly, your volunteer is supervised (in the interests of quality control). They may therefore refer to an issue of yours in discussion with their supervisor, but your full name will never be disclosed to the supervisor. Secondly, your volunteer may need to break confidentiality if there is serious risk to your life or health or that of somebody else. We would aim to discuss this with you in the first instance.

How often will we meet and for how long ?
Other than the Friendship Group, all our services are time limited and usually our support is weekly in the early days, but maybe less frequently later on. We offer 6 sessions in most cases, but there is a review half way through to ensure both you and your Cruse volunteer(s) are comfortable with the time plan. In the interests of both you and your Support Volunteer, it is best not to continue a session for more than an hour (30 minutes for telephone support)….and for Support Groups they are normally 90 minutes long. It can be emotionally draining to continue for longer.

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